Jisuke Matsuda jisukematsuda Antony and Cleopatra Covid-19 Love Dessapears

Antony and Cleopatra Covid-19 Love Dessapears

Client : Create Theatre Poster (2020)
Project “Create Theatre Poster” supplies experimental stage in poster creative. The classic has universality. But in additional, we need a new philosophy, more creative, more modern. Using the works of the great playwright, we create the poster that has never exist.

Shakespeare would say.
COVID-19 is terrible and awful. It usurped love. The most valuable of us as people.

If Shakespeare is alive now, what does he think about COVID-19? No longer, We cannot love one another. It’s because of COVID-19. I hate COVID-19.

I strongly pray, humanity will overcome the new coronavirus in the near future. I strongly desire, humanity will overcome this new virus in the new future.
The time has come when we cannot love one another.

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