Jisuke Matsuda jisukematsuda Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Client : Create Theatre Poster (2019)
Project “Create Theatre Poster” supplies experimental stage in poster creative. The classic has universality. But in additional, we need a new philosophy, more creative, more modern. Using the works of the great playwright, we create the poster that has never exist.

As “the typography”, I express Caesar’s surprise, cry, lamentation. It is those famous words to play a key role.
I dare use “katakana” in Japanese in the work. It was the original Japanese system which born from kanji, and “katakana” has been used to express a word of foreign origin. The notation is Japanese, but the sound is a word of foreign language. Its form is composed of sharp lines and acute angles and can be regarded as graphics. A sharp and pointed katakana expresses the shout of a broken heart of Brutus in meaning and shapes.

728×1030mm Offset Printing


  • Ninth International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia 2019, AWARD EX AEQUO

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