Jisuke Matsuda jisukematsuda “Othello” Shakespeare

“Othello” Shakespeare

Jisuke Matsuda's Poster

Client : Create Theatre Poster (2016)
Project “Create Theatre Poster” supplies experimental stage in poster creative. The classic has universality. But in additional, we need a new philosophy, more creative, more modern. Using the works of the great playwright, we create the poster that has never exist.

His weak heart led the tragedy. Othello could not believe anybody. The false and truth mixed world spread in front of him. I expressed this world which Iago made. Even in this situation, his wife Desdemona full of love to Othello. Her tear dropped down from his eye like dissolving the world.

728×1030mm Offset Printing

プロジェクト「Create Theatre Poster」は、ポスター制作に実験の場を提供します。古典は、現代に通じる要素持ち、幾度となく劇場で再生されています。そしてポスターの原点はまさに劇場にあります。しかし単なる再生ではない、新しい哲学が必要です。プロジェクトでは、誰もが知る古典に、新たな解釈を与え、斬新なポスターを制作します。


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